Baby Photography in Moorestown, NJ

Baby Photography in Moorestown, NJ

We welcomed Sarah and her family into our Moorestown studio to capture her sweet newborn baby girl Faith’s baby photography session. Faith was a surprise baby which I think is so excited to find out the gender at birth 😉 Sarah is a return client, we photographed her first daughter Grace when she was born almost 2 years ago! Side note: I love the names Grace and Faith for little girls!

Newborn baby girl awake at her newborn photoshoot

This is a composite photo of Grace and Faith. We got Grace to sit around the bucket, and then took a couple of photos of Faith in the bucket (safely with my assistant) and photoshopped them all together 🙂 I love Grace’s lace dress and Faith’s headband here. I love the creams and the texture it adds to the photo.

Newborn baby girl and her sister posed at her newborn photoshoot

Sweet Faith mid-yawn hahaha! She’s starting to get sleepy here. We had to get this photo of her with the ferns because we got a photo similar to the ferns of Grace when she was a newborn.

Baby girl yawning at her newborn photoshoot

I love the whites and creams here. Adding in the lavender flowers and greenery just makes this beautiful photo pop! This little nightcap on Faith is just so precious!!

Newborn baby girl posed in a bedtime set at her newborn photoshoot

Faith was out cold here haha! She’s laying on her side with the little sheet covering her. I adore this angle, and the adorable floral headband she’s wearing for added texture.

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Wasn’t this newborn session just precious?! Faith and Grace were both so good! I love making the best memories for families. If you’re looking to get started on planning your newborn session you can find info here. I can’t wait to make your session magical too!

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