Studio Newborn Photography-Moorestown, NJ

Studio Newborn Photography- Moorestown, NJ

We welcomed Kristin, Bryan, Morgan, and baby Noah into our Moorestown studio for Noah’s studio newborn photography session. Kristin is a long-time client of ours. We have done their photos for their maternity session, fresh 48, newborn, 1st birthday, and Santa with their big sister Morgan. Now we have gotten to do photos of their journey with Noah as well, from maternity and now his newborn photos :). Unfortunately, we were unable to do fresh 48 for her birth with Noah as she wanted because of Covid. But I love how these newborns turned out!

Family posing at their newborn photoshoot

Noah did not want to fall asleep at first. We got some beautiful smiles and smirks from him. This is one of my personal favorite shots from this session. The sweet smirk at our nighttime setup…oh my gosh my heart melted! That little hand peeking out too haha!

Newborn baby boy alert at his newborn photoshoot

Big sister Morgan didn’t want to do a lot of the photos. We always tell parents with children under 4 to not have too big of expectations, because they have a mind of their own. So that’s completely normal, but we did get some cute shots. I love this colored backlit shot here with them all looking at Noah!

Mom, dad, and big sister looking at baby boy at their newborn photoshoot

This is another backlit photo that I love that’s in black and white. I love how sweet Noah is awake, and I can see those tiny details like his little lashes in this photo! Also, how precious is it that he’s looking up at his daddy here?!

Mom and dad posed with their newborn son at their newborn photoshoot

We finally got Noah asleep haha! I love baby Noah on this cream rug! This photo is special to Kristin and Bryan because I took a photo like this of Morgan when she was a baby as well. This is a mirror image of that. They got this photo in a wall piece to put up on their wall so that they can have both babies in the same pose and background 🙂

Newborn baby boy asleep and posed at his newborn photoshoot

I just love working with this family so much. I have loved being able to see Morgan grow up, and I can’t wait to see Noah as well! Capturing these moments for my clients to be able to look back on forever mean the world to me! Are you ready to book your newborn session? You can find it all on our website and inquire here.

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