First Birthday Milestone-Southampton, NJ

First Birthday Milestone-Southampton, NJ

We welcomed Lisa Marie along with her daughters Emmie and Willa into our South Jersey studio for some fun first birthday milestone photos with Emmie. We took Emmie’s fresh 48 and newborn photos right before the pandemic hit last year, so we wanted to make sure we got adorable first birthday pictures too! These two sisters were so cute! Lisa Marie got them the cutest matching outfits and bows for our bedtime set so we could get some shots of them playing together!

Sisters matching on a bed scene at first birthday milestone photoshoot

I just can’t get over how adorable these girls are. Can you even handle them giving kisses?! So stinkin precious! The loved the little stackable bowls. Their outfits pop perfectly with the white bedding and greenery too!

Sisters giving kisses at first birthday milestone photoshoot

We had this beautiful white balloon garland and flower number 1 for the cake smash portion of the photoshoot. Emmie was not a fan of the cake, but Willa wasn’t either for her cake smash haha! That’s totally ok though because look how precious her smile is in this picture. Also, I just like to give a shout-out to my baker Golden Sun Artistry on my Milestone photos for the gorgeous cakes she makes!

baby girl smiling at her first birthday milestone photoshoot

Lisa Marie calls Willa “wild Willa” because of her personality and loving to have fun. How cute is she here showing her sister how to get wet and playing during her tub time portion of the shoot??

Big sister sprinkling baby sister at her first birthday milestone photoshoot

I love this photo of Emmie in the clawfoot tub. The water splashing is adorable. This little girl’s personality was the best! She was always smiling, sticking out her tongue, and showing her tummy hahaha!

Baby girl happily splashing at her one year old milestone photoshoot

Wasn’t this first birthday milestone just adorable?! These sisters had a blast! Ready to book your baby’s first birthday photos? Here is our website for you to look at and to send an inquiry.

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