Sitter Session in Southampton, NJ

Sitter Session in Southampton, NJ

We welcomed baby Marty and the Snow family for his first sitter session in our Southampton studio. I did Hope’s maternity and baby Marty’s newborn photos, so they got the baby plan! We like to get some family photos at our sitter sessions to capture just how small the baby is in mom and dad’s arms. How precious is he?! I love all their Philly gear!

Parents with their baby boy at their sitter session

Baby Marty had just started to be able to sit upright on his own. I love to be able to capture these milestones for families to be able to look back on. He’s so cute here smiling and sitting outside with the fresh flowers in the background.

Baby boy sitting at his sitter session

Next, we moved indoors and did some shots of him in with the white bed and background with the pops of greenery. He has his favorite toy llama here! I can’t even handle how cute he is here with his little booty out hahaha!

Baby boy and his llama at his sitter session

Look at him trying to crawl!! I feel like once a baby sits up, they quickly begin everything else like crawling, pulling up on stuff, and eventually walking. This is why I love the baby plan. I love capturing these moments as they happen!

Baby boy crawling on a white bed at his sitter session

Last but definitely not least, here is the final part of his shoot…the milk bath!! He had a BLAST splashing and smiling. He loved this part! This is for sure one of my favorite photos from this shoot. The greenery surrounding him is gorgeous, and can we even handle his sweet baby blue?! The greenery made them pop here!

Baby boy at his sitter session

Wasn’t this sitter session so fun?! I can’t wait to hear from you to help make your photos some of the best memories as well! If you’re interested in some of our memberships, you can find that information here. If you’re looking for family photos, you can find them here.

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