Newborn Photo Shoot-Southampton, NJ

Newborn Photo Shoot-Southampton, NJ

Welcome to the world newborn baby boy Declan! The Regan family came into our Southampton studio in January. Declan was the perfect little gentleman, and Jackie got so many sweet shots of this precious baby boy 😉

Newborn baby boy in a heart

Becoming a mom is so special, whether it’s your first time or after multiple. You can literally feel the love and adoration that Steph feels in this photo with Declan.

Mom snuggling her baby boy.

Our team loves to add the rainbow hearts to our newborn shoots. To us, every baby is a miracle and a blessing and this is our symbolism to that!

Newborn baby boy swaddled with rainbow hearts

You can feel how proud dad is here! There is no doubt that daddy will be this little guy’s rock and hero his whole life! How precious are they staring into each other’s eyes?!

Dad cradling his newborn son

Steph contacted us right before Christmas, and she expressed how much she and dad LOVE wine (especially Caymus Vineyards). We had to incorporate this box and the corks for their wine-themed portion of the shoot! You better believe mama is happy to have her wine back, all while looking at this precious image 😉

Newborn baby boy sleeping during his wine themed photoshoot.

Steph loved the idea of a light and airy backdrop with pops of greenery. Look how snuggly Declan is here in his white swaddle!

Newborn baby boy sleeping swaddled with a pop of greenery.

The newborn phase can be exhausting, but with the Regan family you can’t tell! They are beaming with joy over their new baby boy!

Mom and Dad holding their newborn son at their newborn photo shoot

Last but most certainly not least, LOOK AT THOSE SWEET BABY TOES! This is personally one of my favorite things about babies…their toes! Feet are only cute for so long, so why not photograph them to be able to see FOREVER (insert heart-eye emoji here!) HAHA!

Newborn toes

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