The Most Common Questions About Newborn Sessions

The Most Common Questions About Newborn Sessions


Children grow up so fast, and having photos of your little ones at their smallest and newest can help you remember years later how tiny they truly were.


As you’re preparing to welcome a new addition into your family, consider booking a newborn photo shoot to capture this wonderful moment in your life. And if you’re unsure what a newborn photo session entails, we’ve compiled this list of common questions parents have.


What’s the best age for newborn photos?

The ideal age for a newborn session is between twelve and twenty days of birth. At this stage, babies still spend most of their time sleeping and often still snuggle up in positions that are similar to those they held in the womb. Remember that babies grow fast, and after two weeks, your little one will start stretching their arms and legs more and will be less comfortable with posing—and less likely to stay asleep for most of the session.


How early should I book my shoot?

If you want to have a newborn session, try to book it as early as you can. You only have a small window of time in which to take these photos, and you want to make sure your photographer is available.


Most of our clients book during their 5th month of pregnancy. This will guarantee that we have plenty of flexibility for their due date and our clients. We also only take 5 newborns a month.


What if my baby arrives later than expected?

We understand that babies come when they’re ready and not on any schedule. We hold time around your scheduled session to make sure you’re guaranteed a space when baby arrives.


How long is a typical newborn session?

Most sessions last about three hours. If that sounds long, don’t worry—you won’t be taking photos the whole time. A large portion of your session will be spent feeding and comforting your newborn to make sure they’re content for portraits.


How should I dress my baby?

Dress your baby in loose diaper and a zip up or button down pj’s outfit. Nothing over the head. The less stimulation, the less angry they will be with us when we have to undress them.


What should I bring to my session?

Your whole diaper bag, of course—pacifiers, extra diapers and wipes, and extra formula and bottles, if you formula-feed. You also want to bring a change of clothes for yourself—if you’re going to be in photos with a naked infant, there’s a good chance you’ll get pooped or peed on. And be sure to bring along any props you want included in the photos, like a blanket or a toy that has special meaning to you or your family.


Be sure to ask us any other questions you may have and don’t be nervous! Jackie has experience working with newborns and parents and will know just how to pose and photograph your baby and capture those precious memories of this special time in your lives. 

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