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Providing a way to freeze time is my true passion. Freezing time is the reason why I am a photographer and artist.

Why do I do what I do? Why a photographer? Why start my own business? Some of you may know, I started my business in 2013 knowing that I didn’t want to work in healthcare full time the rest of my life. I was starting to plan for my family and as an MRI Tech, there was 0 flexibility with shifts or childcare. When my husband and I were dating, I straight up said, I do not want to work full time when we have kids. That was my number one why I started my business. I saw mom’s at work who would miss the first day of school because their shift started at 7am or moms who talked about how they only saw their kids for 2 hours before bed during the week. I could not see myself doing that and that is why I started my photography business. I always loved taking pictures. I even say my girlfriends and I in high school invented the selfie, but I wanted to do something that I had a passion for.

So why start my own business and not work for someone else? I wanted to model my business around past experiences good and bad. If I hired a photographer and there was something negative that came out of it, I made sure to model by business around how not to let that happen. Customer service is my number one priority. Excellent communication and service is what I strive to be if not perfect, very close to it.

It’s not something that is necessary to live, so why photography? You’re completely right. I know you do not need photography to live but, I value it for myself and I know other’s value it for themselves. I do not want to miss a milestone or memory and neither do my clients. What motivates me with my business is being able to stop time. Kids grow up so quickly. I say it every day to my oldest Christian. He started to sing the ABC song the other day and the first thing I thought was, where has the time gone! I chose photography because I know how it is to be in so much love with my husband and children, I want to capture that for my clients family as well. Life is too fast. The weeks fly by. I make sure that sessions capture the smiles, giggles, tickles and laughter just like with my own family. These are the memories that we forget; the time spent together. To capture it for anyone is a joy and gift.

Photo by: Kaleidoscope Imagery

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