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My values.

I value memories. I value the giggles. I value albums. I value videos. I value time. I value seeing my boys smiling faces on my wall.

Everyone has different values. I value so much.

I’ll never got get when Christian was little and started to say Mama and Dada. We were on the couch and Aaron Stinsman was working over time since it was his busy season and Christian starts saying DADA.

I said yes, Daddy will be home soon. He kept saying Dada and then started to point past me. I was confused because obviously dada was not behind me. So, I looked over and Christian was pointing at a wedding photo of Aaron and I. My heart melted. He was looking at the photo and knew exactly what he was talking about and who he wanted.

Dada came home and he was all happy and jumpy. It made my heart so full that he recognized him from the photo.

A few weeks later, I turned on my amazon video list on our tv and decided to watch some home movies. I video everything. My dad did the same thing for my brother and I. Somedays we would just be running across the couch or is Disney World. These are awesome memories to look back on. So I turned on a video of Aaron “stealing” a toy from Christian when he was maybe 5 months old. The belly laughs were hysterically and he started to laugh at himself. We just belly laughed through the 2 minute video.

I value the moments that I will never get back. I value the time and effort I put into capturing these memories. I am that mom that would rather be spending time with the kids then doing laundry or dishes. The laundry will always be there. The dishes will get cleaned eventually. Your baby will grow up and time is fleeting. <3 Capture your children yearly to show them that they are a part of your family unit <3

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