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Why is it important to have a professional newborn session? | Burlington NJ | Newborn Photography South Jersey

Why is it important to do a professional newborn session?

Burlington, NJ Newborn Photography South Jersey

What an amazing addition in your life, whether it is your first baby, your last or somewhere in between.  With such a big change, life starts to move, ever so fast, as the planning for this little life begins as well.  Nights laying awake wondering if bumper pads are necessary or if the diapers you are stocking up will be gentle on the skin.   You wonder who they will look like and who they will grow up to be. 

Experiencing this new life is so beyond belief.

Family photo in Burlington new jersey photo studio holding their newborn baby girl with two big brothers wearing white shirts.

You spend 9 long months anxiously awaiting the day that you can see who your baby looks like. You dream about, you think about, you worry about. And then the day comes. You get to see and kiss that sweet little face that you have been waiting so long for. You feel like you will never forget what they look like when they are so small. But, ask any parent of older children and they will let you know it happens, and sooner than you think. While their look is changing from newborn to an older infant you don’t even notice the change because you are with them each day. Having a newborn photo session during the first few weeks of your baby’s life will help you capture that special time in your life. 

tiny little baby details of a boy in his Voorhees new jersey home

Baby girl wrapped in cream wearing a flower headband yawning and tired

I even hired someone for both of my own newborn sessions. Some people would say, “Why would you do that? You can do them yourself?” and I did! But, I wanted to be in the photos as well. Here are the reasons why I do newborn photos for my kids.

  1. So that I could be in the photos as well. Just like I said above, I wanted my boys to see me in the photos. I can take a million and one photos of them by themselves or together but I am always the one behind the camera.

  2. They are only this little for so long. You’ll notice from day one where you were in the hospital to day 15 where they start to get chunky and gas smiles… they change so much! Cole was very bruised after birth that they had to put a sign on his bassinet that he was bruised not blue (like blue from no oxygen). He birthed so quickly that he looked like he was dropped on his face. It was terrible. But 15 days later, his face had cleared up so much and it was so much less work for my photographer to edit. HAHA

  3. I forget the tiny details. But, I made sure to put into an album all of his little details shots so I can look back and remanence.

New mom and dad wearing blue and holding their little boy in their Voorhees home for their newborn session

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