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We are so excited to announce our newest venture! As a small business owner, I love to support local small businesses. I found it hard to find these locally ran businesses unless I asked someone. When I googled, I always got the big corporate nationwide companies. Yes, they are nice to have but, if I love to support local. I know that my money is going to support someone and their family. Someone who has a dream just like me.

About 2 years ago, I came up with this idea. Becoming a Mom and running my own business got in the way but, I always had the idea in the back of my mind. I kept it between my husband and a friend who was not a Mom but could see it being a great success.

Of course, nerves always get in the way too. I didn’t want to be judged or have people think it was a “stupid” idea. Well, I read a quote that said, “Don’t be sad you failed. Be sad you never tried.” That was it, I was in! I literally was sitting on the couch and I walked up to my office, that is now in my formal living room since I need so much space, and created a logo, facebook page, website domain, purchased a website design, made a facebook event and the list goes on.

I started this idea with small businesses in mind. Yes, there are other NJ Mom magazines or websites but all you see if corporate ads and big companies. These websites are very expensive and a huge chunk of change when you are your own employee lol. So I decided to start a directory and community that was free. It will ONLY consist of small businesses.

We are going to start in Burlington and Camden Counties, NJ so that we don’t get overwhelmed. All small businesses that cater to moms, kids and families are welcome to join. There will be an application process. Anyone that is interested in the website must also put in the work to promote and uplift other small businesses. Here are some requirements:

  • Must be willing to refer to other small businesses within the directory.
  • Must share blogs, posts and events on personal social media, business social media and email lists.
  • Contribute to our blog to bring education to our community on your speciality without overselling. Yes, at the end of the blog will be about your business and promoting but we want to keep this friendly and informative first.
  • Link back to Bump to Bundle website.
  • Attend Networking meetings.
  • Help with ideas on how to serve the community, hold workshops or classes.

We are always up for new and exciting ideas so that is why we need everyone’s full participation. I believe the more you help others, the more you get in life. Community over competition helps everyone in the long run.

Please join us for our first networking event on June 24th from 2-4pm. More meetings will be available. Address is: Stinsman Photography LLC 226 High Street, Burlington NJ 08016. Please email Stinsmanphotography@yahoo.com to rsvp or get more information.

We look forward to meeting you and building everyone’s businesses to the high potential it can be!

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