Football Themed Cake Smash and Tub Time Photos | Burlington NJ | First Birthday Photos

When I moved into my new studio in January, I posted a hello and welcome to a local facebook group in town. Agota was on the page and actually looking for a photographer since her maternity and newborn photographer recently moved to Virginia. She literally lived right around the corner and it was very convenient for her and her family. 

Agota and I talked about how we wanted to customize her session. I told her about how so many cake smashes were ending with a tub time. She thought it was an amazing idea since Roman LOVED bath time!

Simple set ups make my heart flutter. I just loved that Agota and I were on the same page. We wanted to focus on Roman and not have all the frilly colorful set ups. 

We came upon a simple football themed set up for his cake smash. How stinking cute! 

Then ending with tub time with a bang! It was perfect. He loved it and posed so sweetly!

Please enjoy Roman and his first birthday cake smash photos!

one year hold wearing a white onesie smiling for a photo

little boy sitting with a chair smiling

football themed portraits cowboys

cowboys themed birthday photos

sweet baby boy looking up at the camera with blue cake icing on his face

1 year old tub portraits

blue cake on a baby's face while in the tub

talking baby boy

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