New Jersey Family Photo Photographer | 5 Favorites for Family Sessions

Being a family photographer isn’t easy. Yeah if the kids are older, but I find most of my clients have young children who aren’t always the easiest to photograph (HAHA). They are busy, love to explore, sometimes tired and hungry, and the list can go on. But, I do have a lot of reasons why I still photograph families. Here are just five of those reasons.

  • High Fives. Yes, that’s right. A lot of kids need time to warm up so I always say they will have so much fun that they will give me a high five and a hug when we are done… Happens every time.
  • Family time. Sometimes families are so busy with sports and work, they don’t have much family time. I love to capture special moments like this.
  • Jokes. This is the one time I can get away with blaming Dad for farting… even if he didn’t 😉 We always get a smile from the kids!
  • Snuggles. Sometimes even a snuggle is so important to a family.
  • Gigantic Smiles! I will say that 99.9% of the sessions this year had tons of gigantic smiles. I just love to see “those teeth” and hear those giggles.

Check out a few of my favorites from the family sessions this year.

family photo at Croft farm in cherry hill

family with a daughter with autism at smithville mansion

tickling daughter for family photo

daughter laughing during photos

hockey lesbian family with two dogs

princeton university family session

silhouette of family

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