Baby & Toddler Expo at the Katz JCC

I had sooo much fun at the Annual Baby & Toddler Expo at the Katz JCC. I did not expect the turn out that they had! One of the employees said they estimated about 1500 people!! CRAZY! But, I wanted to recap the day and send a special thank you! 

Meeting new people and babies is the best. So much fun to learn about everyone and their stories. I had a lot of mom’s who had their newborn session but, never printed their images. They loved the images but, just didn’t have the time or didn’t know where to print. This is why I started offer products and prints. I want to make your experience fun and easy. I do all the work for my clients. 

When I told this one mom that I printed and even installed all wall art, she was floored! She loved the idea and was so happy to have my information. She said she had CD’s and USB’s from other photographers that she would love to incorporate. Why not? I would absolutely do that for her. It makes me happy to print these precious memories for anyone as long as you have a print release.

This is why it is so important to print. Having photos of your family not only makes your space personal but, also increases the self esteem of your children. They see that you are proud of them. Also, computers fail. Who knows what is going to happen to that CD or USB and then you have nothing. Majority of your images are probably still on your computer, right? Why not bring them with you to your session and I can add them into your gallery to print? 

A print is a print, right? No it isn’t. Printing at home is just that, printing. Printing from a professional lab makes sure that the colors are correct, computers are calibrated for the lab, quality assured before shipping and better paper then you would get in the store. The prints that my clients purchase have an added bonus. They are mounted to a board that will make the images hard to bend, unless your break the mount (HAHA). 

Thank you to the Katz JCC for putting on such an amazing event and for asking me to be a part of it. I look forward to next year!!!

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