What to bring a new mom in the hospital.

Being a new mom is the best feeling in the world. The first 2 nights were the hardest days of my life. I couldn’t imagine having a C-section. My son must have kicked my tail bone on the way out because I had a bruise and soreness for days. Before having my son, I had visited a few friends in the hospital and I was always sure to bring some type of food or gift. Now that I had visitors, I am going to tell you what I appreciated.

  • Bring a new mom food. Make sure it is something they like or simply ask. Some moms are on a strict meal plan due to C-sections or nausea. If you don’t know what they like, a new mom would be more than happy to ask for something lol. I had a huge craving for chicken Caesar salad… no idea why.
  • Leave the gifts at home or visit within the first week to give a gift. If you lug in a gift to the hospital, just remember, Dad is going to have to lug it back home.
  • Balloons can also stay home. As much as they are appreciated, they are annoying to drive home with.
  • Offer to go to her mom to tighty up. I hate to ask for help, but my mother was so nice to go and do dishes and last minute laundry loads.
  • Be a good friend and call her from the store to see if she needs anything at home. Toilet paper, sterile water, binkies, dog food and more. She is not going to be thinking about going home yet.
  • Toiletries. Sometimes mom’s forget toothpaste or a hair brush because their water broke and they were in a rush to the hospital. Simple necessities are always nice. 


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