Visiting a new mom at home. What to bring and what to do.

The first week being home was a whirlwind. I had people in everyday. As much and I liked the company, I looked like a mess, didn’t brush my teeth because I didn’t know what time it was and was leaking breastmilk every 10 minutes. Here are some tips on visiting a new mom and how to be helpful.

  • Call first. Don’t just show up. My son ate hourly during the day and for 30-40minutes at a time… If I had someone just show up, they would be waiting at the door for a long time before I was done feeding my son.
  • Bring food. Everyone needs food. The best are freezable dinners. Something that she can easily stick in the microwave to heat up. As much as I loved my chicken Caesar salads, I just did not have the time to prepare them. Chili, ziti, meatballs, and meatloaf are all great homemade freezer meals.
  • Call her to see if she needs you to pick anything up on the way. Toilet paper, paper towels, DIAPERS!!!! Getting it for her will make you the bestest friend ever.
  • Bring all the gifts you want. Now they she won’t have to lug all the gifts home from the hospital, feel free to bring those cute outfits and balloons.
  • Offer to hold the baby while she takes a shower. She will rush through it to get back to her baby but at least she will have some piece of mind knowing that you are there to comfort her new baby.
  • Do the dishes. BEST IDEA EVER.
  • Bring practical gifts for mom. Comfortable re-washable nursing pads. Even if mom is not nursing, she will still need something comfortable on her nipples.
  • Don’t stay too long. 45 minutes to an hour is a good time frame to help out and chat. Anything after that mom, may fall asleep while talking.

Hope these tips helped you to visit your friends who are new moms!


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