Tips for your Second Trimester

Around week 16 I felt like a new woman! I started to love pregnancy, my nausea went away overnight, I was starting to have a baby belly and not a bloated/food baby and I was starting to get my energy back. It was amazing!! Here are some tips that I followed during the second trimester. They may seem simple but take advantage of them while you can.

  • Buy some new shoes. Comfortable sneakers will make your feet soooo happy! I got a 1/2 size bigger for when I started to swell again. (I just noticed 1 year after my son was born that I do not fit in any of my heels anymore because my feet grew.)
  • Get a massage. Pregnancy is hard and you should not only treat yourself but, pamper yourself. A massage will help you relax and sleep better. Make sure to make an appointment for a “prenatal massage.” Spas have a special pillow that you will lay on.
  • Take a “Babymoon.” This will give you some relaxing alone time before you life changes.
  • Start Pediatrician “shopping.” As Mommies that you know and trust and even interview the Doctor. I called 3 different offices and finally choose my son’s pediatrician because they had a 24/7 nurses line free of charge to call with any concerns. Luckily, I have only needed to use it once for a high fever.
  • Plan your leave. NJ allows pregnant mothers to have the final 4 weeks before their due date for maternity leave and the first 6 weeks post partum “paid” time off. Check with your job and recent laws. Also follow up with your HR department that they submit the paperwork on time. NJ took 8 weeks to get a check.
  • Clean Naturally. Switch from chemical cleaners to more natural products. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are amazing but, in a rush, I do like Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products.
  • Prevent Constipation. No one likes hemorrhoids. Drink lots of extra fluids.
  • Adjust your seatbelt. Make sure your lap belt is under your belly and the strap is in between your breasts.
  • Don’t forget your multivitamin!
  • Prepare your nursery. You don’t necessarily need to “baby proof” your home but make sure the baby’s room is ready for them to sleep in it even if they will be in your room for the first 6 months.
  • Take childbirth classes. The Village – Breastfeeding and Wellness Center is an amazing resources for soon to me and new mommies.
  • Stay active. Keep exercising. It will help with childbirth and labor.
  • Moisturize. Stretch marks are heredity. My mother had horrible stretch marks and so do I. But, moisturizing can help reduce them.

I hope these helped to make your second trimester comfortable and healthy!

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