How to dress for your fall family session

How to dress for your fall family session

Believe me, I am not the most stylish person. If I could live in sweat pants and tanks tops, I would. But, having a family session done yearly is something that you want to look back and love. Remembering your child’s smile and laughter will bring back a flood of memories. Dressing for your style and choosing clothing that represents your family is key. 


  • Never been too matchy. Make sure that you accent eachother. If mom is wearing a maroon sweater, have one of the kids wear and maroon sweater vest and a white shirt underneath.

  • Dad’s leave the sneakers at home. I know they are comfortable but, neon colored tennis shoes will be out of style, like tomorrow. 

  • Mom’s. Please wear clothing that you are confident in. Something too tight or too short is not going to make you want to put your images on your walls. Remember the size of your clothing does not represent you and who you are

  • Don’t have boys wear a stuffy suit and tie and the girls wear fluffy frilly uncomfortable dresses. If the person is uncomfortable, it will show up in the photo. Also, if everyone is looking formal with their clothing, the pictures won’t come across as natural.

  • Don’t wear shirts with logo’s or distracting pictures on them. (i.e. shirts that say “GAP”, “OLD NAVY”, has a comic book character, or a popular kids character) This is just distracting in a photo. It also takes away from that “timeless” look.


  • Coordinate pop’s of color. Establish a base color, like grey, and then accent with 1 or 2 splashes of color, like yellow or turquoise. Not everyone needs to wear the accent color. For example, the Dad and son might just be wearing grey and black while the girls in the family bring in the color splashes in their outfits.


  • Layer your clothing. During the summer months this may be difficult but doing it in the other seasons brings more visual appeal and interest to your photo’s. Start with a plain shirt then add a sweater or jacket. For a guy, wear a long sleeve shirt under a button up with the sleeves rolled up.


  • Combine colors and patterns. Another way to gain more visual appeal is to throw in some patterns that coordinate with your color splashes. For example, a cool plaid shirt on a guy or a pattern t-shirt under a jacket or sweater for a girl.


  • Bring your own personality in with accessories…hat’s, leg warmers (for little girls), scarves, necklaces, etc. Adding these trinkets helps to bring in your own family style and personality.
  • Wear something that is flattering on you. I know this may sound like a “given” but I’m surprised to hear a lot of Mom’s who come to their family photo shoot and complain about how they “hate” their arms but yet are wearing a short cropped sleeve that draws attention their arms! So if you are self-conscious about your arms, wear a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve or if you aren’t a fan of your toosh, wear a long jacket. The fact is, if you feel comfortable, you will look comfortable in the photo’s.

Here are some examples.



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