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5 Favorite things about Newborn Sessions | Philly and NJ Newborn Photographer


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Newborn Sessions are not as easy at they look. Believe me, before I did training and workshops, I thought I could just do it! After my son was born, I had his newborn session done and I was like, “Oh My Goodness, I can do this… He just slept the whole time.” Fast forward 2 weeks and I photographed a future bride of mine’s new son. He didn’t want to sleep or settle or nothing!!! The joke was on me though. I needed the education on how to swaddle, how to make baby happy and how to be calm!!! Babies can sense nervousness and fear.

After several trials and errors, I took a bunch of classes in person and online. Boy did they make a difference. I felt more confident and knew how to make newborns happy. It also helped that my son was about 3 months when I really pushed myself to photograph more newborns. I knew how to make him happy and get him to sleep so I made sure to understand those queues from babies.

Here are my 5 favorite things about newborn sessions:


I feel so calm and relaxed during newborn sessions. I feel like it is kind of like a relaxing experience. Be calm makes the baby calm!

Mom with baby

Seeing mom with her new baby boy or baby girl is so sweet.  I love the little smiles and kisses.

Family Portraits

It is so wonderful seeing mom and dad smiling at each other holding their new baby. Strong Dad’s always become mushy around new babies 🙂


I love to customize all sessions to what Mom and Dad love. It could be certain colors and themes! A lot of times its a theme that includes a certain prop. I love to use my stump “bucket” so that I can incorporate colors too.

Thank you’s

Every time a family leaves the studio, they give me a big thank you and a huge smile as they walk out. It warms my heart that I can provide such amazing images and products to my clients so that they can hand them down to their children’s children.

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