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Maternity Photography

Being pregnant is a once in a lifetime experience. Sometimes it’s planned. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s a surprise. Sometimes it’s a miracle.

My point is that you are growing the most precious gift anyone could ask for. Documenting this time in your life is one the most important things you need to do.

We all know. I love to take photos. Every. Single. Day. Work or not. I think it is so important to document everything because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I hear a lot of mom’s say they don’t want to be in pictures because they are fat, or have a pimple, or they just want photos of the kids… Well, I find it so important that you can look back on this time in your life that some people don’t get.

I felt like a cow. I felt huge, hot, ugly, but I still loved my body because it was creating and nurturing the life of my son. I wouldn’t change it for the world… well maybe I should have laid off the sweets but that’s another blog post 🙂

Spa Day!!!

I tell my clients that not only is your maternity session a day to take photos, but it should also be a day to pamper yourself. We all know that mom’s and women in general work so hard to make sure we work, make dinner, clean, cut the lawn, do the laundry… the list goes on and on. Take the day to go for a spa trip. Get your nails, hair and make-up done so you can relax and feel confident.

Get a Massage!!

De-stressing will make you more comfortable in photos.


Make sure to drink lots of fluids so that your skin is glowing!


Remember in my last blog I talked about moisturizing!!! Lather up a lot for the week before to help any dry skin areas.

Rent or purchase a nice flowing dress

Renttherunway.com has some amazing dresses to wear for your session or you can invest in a beautiful dress that you can wear throughout your pregnancy. If you are investing in my services, it is well worth it to invest in a comfortable flowing dress. You could even wear it to your baby shower!!!

Pregnancy Photography

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