Sico Family – NJ Lifestyle Photographer – Mt. Laurel NJ

This is the third time we tried to do these family photos. No joke.

The first time it was a 30-40 mile per hour winds.

Second time, I had a fire in my chimney and literally ran away!!!

I told Donica I would call her to reschedule! I felt horrible but I thought my house was burning down.

Third time is a charm.

These photos make me so happy that the other two times didn’t work out!!!

Please enjoy this beautiful family!Donica-0023Donica-0458-2Donica-0450Donica-0432Donica-0341-2Donica-0311-2Donica-0298Donica-0259Donica-0205-2Donica-0201-2Donica-0135Donica-0082-2Donica-0067-3Donica-0050-2

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