27 years of Marriage – NJ Lifestyle Photographer

I first met the Stinson’s at their son, Michael’s wedding 1 month ago. It was a very

emotional day. Not only was Mrs. Stinson having her first son getting married, but she was gaining an

amazing daughter also. Mr. and Mrs. Stinson are so kind and warm.

I was so excited to have Mrs. Stinson contact me to do photos of her and her husband.

She told me the day of the session that they never had photos of just them since they had 5 children.

It was always group photos.


But, I feel honored to photograph their love.

When she told me they were married for 27 years, I was shocked!

In a good way. HAHA

These days you hear so much negativity on news and work, it’s great to hear about a long standing loving relationship.


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