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It’s always a great compliment when you have friends come to you to photograph not just their engagement session, but their wedding next year!

I knew Andrew forever. Literally, we both went through the Cinnaminson school system together.

I always knew he was fun and outgoing! We graduated and went our separate ways.

I then hung out with him and his girlfriend, Lesley, at the Park Tavern in Palmyra. I thought Lesley was very friendly and a great girl!

It was so nice to see them all lovie dovie all night. Years went by and I started my photography business. I ran a contest for a free photo session and Lesley won!

I contacted her to let her know, she told Andrew and then Andrew contacted me. He was planning

on proposing to Lesley and wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a “surprise engagement” shoot.


I was so excited. The details were set. I was texting him to tell him exactly what we were doing and sitting and when to go outside.

I told her I was texting my husband who was away for training. 🙂 Little White Lies don’t hurt.

Andrew told me he was down the street so I took Lesley outside for some “headshots.”

It was perfect! Down came the ambulance with Andrew and their family and friends inside. I was snapping away.

He got down on his knee and asked her for her hand in marriage.

It was soooooo hard not to cry! I really honestly was tearing up.

Now, a few months later, we shot their OFFICIAL engagement session. I think these are some on my best work so far and I am so happy it was them.

I love their love. They are the perfect couple and I can not wait to shoot their wedding in June of next year.

Please enjoy the love!

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